Appreciative reflective teams (eng)

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The Appreciative reflective team. A method for practice-based learning.

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The Appreciative reflective team is a method that emphasises appreciation as a source to explore and learn, in a systematic way, from the situations in which they suceed in their own work, highlighting the value of locally developed learning. The method is developed by a research fellowship in the Municipality of Re in Vestfold, Norway, drawing on the Norwegian psychiatrist Tom Andersen’s concept for developing «powerless learning processes» in teams.

The booklet gives the reader an insight into:

  • What the Appreciative reflective team is about
  • A presentation of the model
  • How the method can be used to develop democratic learning community
  • How the method can be used to develop reflective knowledge, quality improvements and more creative practice in the services
  • How the method can be implemented, in order to create lasting positive changes in workplaces


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